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Motorleaf understands you already have an environmental control system, and already
track data via your computer. What you may not be aware of is the ability for artificial intelligence and machine
learning to access your historical AND live data, to give you and your team insights they have never seen before.


Why should you trust that our technology can help your company?

We have been working with some of the largest vegetable producers in North America,
and listening to their needs. A common misconception, is that a third party company like Motorleaf is going to try and tell you how to do your job – growing amazing produce.

We don't.

Our technology has been built via talent in Montreal, Canada, the worlds leading hub for artificial intelligence in conjunction with plant scientists, agronomists and actual commercial growers from Canada and North America with decades of industry experience, all to do one thing:

Deliver better information to run your business your way, and work together to keep improving.


What can Motorleaf’s software and hardware solution show you?

Digital Vegetables.jpg

 Yield Prediction (consistently more accurate than your current weekly average prediction)
 Crop Growth Index (how fast your crops grow)
 Live, and years of historical crop data, seen through our interactive Grow Journal
 Custom Insights.
Insight examples include: Expected energy costs, average 24hr temp index, 24/7 greenhouse light
analysis (PAR + full spectrum), crop outcome via environmental changes, (modelling algorithms) and more.

How do you connect to my greenhouse?


Contact us for a custom quote - Pricing from 2cents per Sq Meter!